Collective Strength

Na Unity is the non-profit subsidiary of Nature Athletes. . People need people. Therefore, our mission with NA Unity is to make sports, community and education accessible where they are not taken for granted. In national and international projects, we act through NA Unity as a multiplier in the transfer of resources. We want to grow together as a community and build collective strength.


Our training in nature strengthens the body, calms the mind, and gives new vigour to the flow of life.


People need people. Our project’s objective is to unite and strengthen communities.


Consciousness and education enable transformation! Therefore, we share our knowledge about health care by training and mentoring.

Container Gyms

A Place for Transformation

We create Container Gyms, where we share our knowledge beyond the Nature Athletes community and pass on our resources.

Collective Strength:
From Berlin via Europe to South Africa

Both our sports and educational programs are designed to make health comprehensible, tangible, and accessible.
In collaboration with our partners, we promote sports, community and education.


With our platform of family, friends and partners, we create spaces that invite people to move their body, mind and spirit. We train together, we learn together, and we grow together. Together we are strong.

Kids Events

We are particularly dedicated to projects that support children and young people. That's why we maintain partnerships with schools and youth sports clubs and gather them for events and workshops.

Goals 4 African School

Our Goals4AfricanSchool partner program connects German soccer clubs with school classes in South Africa. For every goal scored, our partners donate to the Hope Valley Farm School in support of their teaching.

Container Gyms

With our Container Gyms we create spaces where we live our Nature Athletes values transformation, awareness and adventure. We share our knowledge about health and awareness beyond the Nature Athletes community and pass on our resources.

Sustainable Design

We believe in circular cycles! Our Container Gyms are refurbished and repurposed outsourced cargo ship containers.


Our Container Gym Showroom is being built on the grounds of the Berlin GINN Hotel. The process is the redevelopment of a cargo ship container. The interior space is designed to store sports equipment and educational material and the exterior walls are repurposed to be sport areas.


Where NA Unity Container Gyms are located, we offer Nature Athletes Training as part of our volunteer work. In our partner program to South Africa, we also support education through sports and community. We are supporting the local Hope Valley Farmschool with the new sports facility NA Unity Container Gym starting in 2023, while also establishing a partnership to fund new classrooms and teaching formats.


We create spaces where communities grow. We invite people to take the first step towards more self-determination and support them in their second step in the transformation of their community.


Updates from our projects

Family & Friends


Our vision with NA Unity is peace. We want to make health care accessible, especially for the younger generation and thereby enable them to campaign consciously and strongly for the social transformation they aspire.

Thank you

We are very proud of our network of family, friends and partners. We would like to thank all the hearts and hands that take part in shaping our projects. Through you and your commitment, we approximate our vision with every passing day.

A huge thank you is directed to the Nature Athletes community, without you NA Unity would not be possible!

Would you like to support us?

NA Unity is a non-profit organization. We cover our projects through income from Nature Athletes adventure sports, sponsorship and donations. Likewise, we invite you to volunteer with us!

For frequent and personal updates on your contribution to our projects, you´re welcome to write to us anytime :)


"Sport has the Power to change the World"

- Nelson Mandela -